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The answer is yes
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Originally Posted by Tenerrod View Post
I dont want to put that much axial pressure throu the clutch bearings, not good for it.
Its only 120 Nm so it will give eventually.
Probably get a mate to sit on the bike with the front wheel against a wall and try again with a bigger breaker bar.
Just going to do it all in good time and not break anything.
Great looking day out there .
much easier way. Just jam a sprocket tooth against the frame/block with a socket end to end. I say socket because you will be able to find one just the right length.
Bit hard to describe. A picture is better but I don't have one. The "socket" i am referring to is simply used to jam the sprocket against the frame.

PS if the chain is still on the bike and you are gunna try the clamp the rear wheel method be sure to keep the bike in Neutral. Don't let any pressure like you ganna need go via the box/clutch.
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