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Originally Posted by casperghst42 View Post
I don't know where you get the £250 from, I just got a new chain set from a local non-BMW dealer and I paid ~150€ (I do get som discount), but you can find a good chain in the UK (ukgser) for a lot less, and and the front sprocket from TT for ~20€. Don't know what the rear sprocket will set you back.

But it's not £250, except if you decide to goto a BMW dealer.

You don't mention how old the bike is, but if it's brand new then I would start going to the dealer and have a small chat with them, as the chain should last at least 25.000km if you look after it.

Cheers Casper - Yes this is BMW dealer pricing... however - OEM BMW chain is ~£150 (£/€ are practically worth the same these days), sprockets £20/30 F/R, labour £50 which totals £250. So yes I could save £50 of labour but then spend half a day swearing and grumbling in the underground car park of my building with rear half of the bike in pieces trying to remove and re-fit an endless chain (I wouldn't mind if I had access to suitable facilities). My local tyre shop is about £50 less using mid-range aftermarket parts, so the BMW dealer is not out of line. But I wasn't debating the economics behind it...

The bike is under warranty, 14 months old - I agree the chain should last at least 15,000 miles/25,000km - and despite considerable time in the dirt, the bike is not abused or run beyond its design specification... however, bike manufacturers (not just BMW) view chains as wear items in the same way as clutch discs and brake pads... unfortunately I would be hard pressed to prove that the o-rings on the fused links had a manufacturing defect since they are not visibly damaged.

Originally Posted by SOP Dirt-Rider View Post
Speaks volumes for routine chain maintenance. Which reminds me, I did 220 miles yesterday, over half was in the dirt.

Lets see, where did I put that new can of WD40?? Gotta go
I lubricate the chain weekly and average 125 miles/week overall... I fully clean the chain monthly (or immediately after off road rides), but as I mentioned I am not obsessive about it at the first signs of gunkiness...

Bottom line is that despite what I would view as an appropriate level of care and attention/maintenance to the chain it has still seized up prematurely - I can't understand what I've done wrong when others have them last 10s of thousands of miles/km with usage both on and off road...?

Without starting a played-out, un-winnable Ford/Chevy/Mac/PC/Chelsea/Arsenal/folding/scrunching debate over the use of WD40 on chains, now that I have little to lose, I admit I am tempted to soak it in the stuff to see if the links loosen up...
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