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Head work So Cal??

My XL600 dropped a valve seat, it didn't grenade the engine thank god It started making random noises but ran fine until it kinda quit running one day. Wouldn't start for shit, excellent compression, spark and gas, just wouldn't do. it when i did get it started you can hear the valve seat moving around in there., kinda like a ratchet spinning really fast Anyway I pulled the engine but I haven't disassembled it. My problem is I would like to go to an engine machine shop myself to minimize down time.Everything is in my brother's garage lol not mine so i would to get the bike running again. I could ship it off I know but I'd prefer not to do that. I atleast bent a valve and need two new exhaust seats andvalves. None of the car guys will touch it

Any good machine shops around here?? I was thinking of XRs only
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