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Originally Posted by Spingse View Post
The discussion on WD-40 as been put to the grave many years ago - by a fellow rider
WD-40 does not damage the chain/o-rings, and if you have a stiff oneit might be a good temporary solution to loosen up things.
I would only use it sparse, though, as it is a penetrating oil and you would not want too much to get to the grease inside the other links.
I would also lube frequently for the first many miles if i had any degreasing solution (WD-40) used on my chain.
(My personal philosophy is, that cleaning the chain often causes more damage than good. This philosophy leaves more time for riding, also )

(My chain/sprockets has held up for 32.000 km so far. I try to lube at every or every other fill-up if i remember (Castrol racing). Front sprocket is starting to look worn)
^^^ This
I only use Dupont Multi-use Teflon... no WD40 and no washing other than a brush...20,000 miles on my last chain and sprockets. I only had one minor adjustment at around 15,000 miles
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