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Sticking to an unwritten rule I have more shit than a Christmas goose packed for this trip.

My excuse: I don't have any idea what to expect for weather but I'm planning on being wet each and every day. This combined with elevation and I know it can get cold - even in South America.

None of this is really a problem for me except for the fact that this is a low-budget tour so a $2 arm length retaining cab ride is out of the question.

This apparently brings great joy to Dave as he literally laughs until tears come out of his eyes as I schlep all my gear over to Freedom Rentals. There were a few locals also finding some humor in it as well.

Nonetheless, we finally arrive...

...Sylvain has the bikes outside ready for us...

After the necessary paperwork and signing of our lives away we start the tedious process of piling/strapping our gear on the bikes for our journey.

Sylvain is a very patient man.

Motherly Advice: Apply sunscreen before starting this process. The wages of not following this advice can be high.

A wide brim hat isn't a bad thin to pack along either.

Here Dave demonstrates what not to do...

...white, untreated chicken skin neck pointed directly at the sun.

More on that later.

Notice the tank bag. We're both trying out a new piece of gear for this trip. That tank bag is it. Made by Enduristan. The Sandstrom 2 Sport is the version we have. Supposedly waterproof. Arrived just before our departure so this is it for testing. No. We're not sponsored so I'll tell you how I really feel about it.

Finally loaded...

...both bikes are also sporting Giant Loop Great Basin saddle bags. Freedom can provide these but we've brought our own - prepacked as much as possible to save some time at this stage.

We've both used them on other trips on our own bikes but this is the first time using them on rentals that we've never seen before. Whizzer tried this once before in CR but had issues mounting it on their bike so switched to a giant duffle. Here they mounted up just fine.

Last thing to do before we get this show on the road is have the GPS routes reviewed...

Let's get out of here!

2:10 is where you start to get the flavor of riding in Quito. San Jose, CR is all I have to compare it to. Very similar, just more of it. 2:40 is about where things start to go bad.
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