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Originally Posted by Pedro Navaja View Post
Pirate ditch the tequila idea. There is a brandy you can buy at the San Lorenzo winery (Casa Madero). They make it right there and it comes from the barrel you see below. On the tour I took of the winery I was the only one being given the tour. The guide and I talked a lot about Mexican history. Educated mofo and he let me drink as much as I wanted. Only in Mexico will the tour guide try and get you drunk Bad mistake on my part as I was on a bicycle and had to pedal back to town. I took a nap on a park bench to sleep it off and some dog woke me up later by barking at me as I was napping.

I did three brewery tours in Milwaukee a number of months ago. Shocking how PC they were.

There is a mezcal museum outside Victoria and I need to stop in there some day. Clearly on my bucket list.

Personally, I am not that into wine and brandy but all of my friends are switching to wine and I guess that I need to experience the stuff. Irish genetics and all that. Wine is supposed to be better on the old body than hard likker.
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