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Many people have been complaining on how the GPS partially blocks the rpm counter. I am 6ft tall and I use my seat at the low position on the back and high on the front and have had the same problem.

At first I figure that if I change the GPS mount's angle the problem could be made less bothering. In fact I posted about this earlier on this topic. Just so no one needs to look it up, in short, I suggest loosening up the 4 screwws that hold it in place, twisting the mount the most apropriate angle and tightening the screws back snuggly but not overtight.

Eventhough this adjustment lessens considerably the problem, I was not fully satisfied with the results.

I thought that if I could bend the tube structure that holds the mount forward ( towards the riding direction ) , I could improve things considerably. In fact, I even placed an order at our local dealer for a new tube structure so I could try to bend it off the bike and, if all went through as I expected, I would then replace the original one mounted on the bike. This way, I figured, I would't risk anything.

I am not one of great patience and today I thought I would remove the GPS mount and, while sitting on the bike, I would push it forward to see if it would give in...

I have learn 2 things:

The first and most important to all that are bothered by this problem is that the way this tube structure is mounted on the bike allows for some play in its position. Perhaps this is result that the screws that hold it on the bike are not tight enough but in my case I got to move it forward in such a way that the GPS sits a little higher up, closer the windshield.
after pushing it forward, retightend the tube's holding screws and readjusted the GPS's angle.

Now I can see over the top of the rpm counter !

The second thing I have learned is that the tube structure is very strong as there was no way I could bent in forward when still mounted on the bike... Nice to know that it is so solid !

On monday I am cancealing my order for the tube structure !

Just thought I would share this info with those that are bothered by this problem.

Thanks for the tip... really appreciate:

Live to ride
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