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Originally Posted by JayElDee View Post
Done!, thanks

Finally shaping up, more or less firm.
Leaving Monday 5/13 and I hope the roadster is reliable. You do EVERYTHING you can to prepare and at some point just have to cross your fingers. Carrying gas ..


Maybe preaching to the choir here.. but if you haven't had much desert experience yet.. you need to pay attention to keeping yourself thermo-regulated and hydrated also. Though only May, it can still be quite hot out there. Riding in the heat can take the fight out of you before you know it.
S0.. here are two BIG favors you can do to prevent a health disaster..

a) keep yourself covered. You want to protect your skin from heat and wind. Resist the temptation to ride sleeveless as the road wind across your body will dehydrate you quickly. It's not a crime to douse yourself with water (so take plenty).

b) drink frequently. Like.. take a couple swigs every 10 minutes. We use Camelbak packs out this way to have water available without stopping. If you wait until you feel thirsty, or tell yourself you'll get something to drink "at the next stop".. that won't cut it in dry heat + speed.

There are other measures, but sometimes long lists of "things to do" get tedious. The above 2 concepts are really important, though.

Again, apologies if this isn't your first day in the dez.

Have a great ride! Envious here.
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