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Originally Posted by jayareus View Post
Thanks for all the help so far! How does the dual sport handle wet roads? I've heard conflicting things about tires, etc.
And would it be possible to get waterproof hard side luggage cases that are big enough to hold a suitcase?
Lastly -- I've heard things about burning oil. I'm not too sure what this means or how big of a problem it is. In general, what year models should I be looking for? Anything I should keep an eye out for when checking used bikes? (I've seen 08, 09, and 10 in my price range on craigslist.)
Thanks again!
What year to look for? Any year. FWIW, I never heard of this oil thing until the updated version arrived.

The early version appears to be more crash worthy in terms of less damage in a simple tipover. As a new rider a tipover is likely. Embrace it.

Wet roads affect every bike/tire. Ease into it until you get a feel for where the limits are of your particular combination. My own experience was TKCs scared the bejesus out of me in the rain. 606s not so much. Gripsters gave me the most mileage and worked just fine on dirt roads.

With your stated intended purpose and your height I can't think of a better bike to start with. If you were thinking of immediately getting into off road riding with it I would think again.

Oh, one more thing. Best part of a KLR is you could bolt on suitcases as luggage and it would be right at home. I've seen everything from ammo boxes to coolers hung off the sides. Whatever works.

Good luck in your journey.

Originally Posted by XDragRacer View Post
Ah, Kommando!

You validate the scripture, "Yea, as the night follows the day, whenever one inquires about acquiring a KLR, the admonition, 'Get a DR!' swiftly follows."

KLR comes with a ginormous tank. The rest is just foo foo at this stage of the game.
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