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Alex said goodbye the next morning and left for work. Me and Andrea got ready and took the subway down to the centrum of Bucharest.
First we went to see the unknown soldiers grave in Carol Park.

This is just infront of King Carol I of Romanias mauseoleum.

I have been to several of these graves in different cities, and the one in Budapest and Bucharest where a bonus.
From there we walked toward the Palace of Parliament. Witch is the 2nd biggest office building in the world, After The Pentagon in Washington DC. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.
Lots of buildings to see. Some beautiful and some... lets say interesting. I particularly where impressed by the wiring. wonder what the circuit diagram looks like.

On the way we stopped for lunch and i had some Romanian sausage.

Very different from the Norwegian sausage I'm used to.

The the building i wanted to see. And it was no less impressive then i thought.

This building where built as a separate addition to the Palace of Parliament(guess they needed more room) but at the time of the revolution it was not completed and most likely never will.

Next was a visit to the university square where the revolution started. On the way there we stopped at the local Louis motorbike accessory store and i got myself a pair of vented hot weather gloves, my fingers where cooking in the gloves i had.
Today the square was quiet. Guess the students where in class. And there is no need for a revolution any more, so they have time for studying.

this is a fountain on the student square.

Bucharest was a busy big city with fast moving traffic and people all over.

I would love to go back to this city with more time as one day is not nearly enough. Again Andrea impressed me with her knowledge of the city. All statues and buildings we passes she would know the history off. It is nice to meet someone so passionate and interested in the city they live in. If you ever find yourself on the way to Bucharest you should try to convince her to hire her for a day as a tour guide, it would be worth it.

We said goodbye to each other and i do hope that our Travel's again cross. Alex and Andrea, you two made my visit to Romania so more better.

Romania where so different from what i thought. The people so friendly and helpful. There where so many contrast. The flat plains and the high mountains. The rich and the poor people. i think most of those i passed on my travels in Romania will never have the possibility to travel like i have. But i wish them all good luck and i hope the future bring better times for them all.
One thing that surprised me was that some times on the countryside the building reminded me of the farmhouses i have seen in ride reports from Russia. There where also so many unique buildings to Romania.
And I'm sure many inmates here will be interested in hearing that the girls where different from what I'm used to in Scandinavia and also western Europe. They dressed very different, more provocative and sexy. I where there on a tuesday and Wednesday but the girls looked more like it was saturday night.

I hope some day i will return. Hopefully with my wife and daughter to show them what a great place it is. Romanians in Norway have a bad reputation and I'm glad to say that again its a few rotten apples that spoil the whole barrel of apples.

Im my way out of Bucharest i saw the Palace again at the end of a wide avenue. So i decided to ride up there one last time and get a picture with my bike.

There where a news team van parked beside me. With a TV camera on a tripod beside.
I thought he must know how to take a good picture and I asked if he could. Sure enough he was happy to. But I must say I have seen better pictures.

I heeded south toward the border and used my last Romanian Leu to fill up my bike and crossed into Bulgaria. A quick look at my passport and i where accepted in. Thats one of the advantages of being a Norwegian i guess. Most countries welcome us. Except China maybe.

I did not have many plans for Bulgaria but i did want to do a stop at Veliko Tarnovo. This is a old city, and a UNESCO site. Built on narrow hill with steep slopes on each side. The buildings almost on top of each other. Some places they even are.

Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo.
I did a speed sightseeing of the town from my bike and snapped a few pictures before i got back on the road again. My next goal was Buzludzha monument, A monument i had not heard off, before reading a ride report here on ADV. After another fantastic road with tight corners. I ended up behind a local in his car and this where perfect. He most likely knew the road by heart and it was fun to try to keep up with him.
I reached the monument as it was getting dark.

I could see it but i decided i needed daylight. The monument is in the middle of nowhere inside a national park. The last 8 km of road where in bad shape and it did not look like it had beed maintained for 20 years at least. I pitched my tent. Ate a little and did a bit of writing on my report. I expected it to be cold as this was 1400 meters above sea level, but it was not at all.

I went to sleep, full of thoughts about the next day. Visiting the monument and another big city.
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