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Originally Posted by Meter Man View Post
Wow, tough crowd.

To be clear the cost of repair is going to be about $140 for the stick coil, $320 for the cylinder head cover, whatever the wire to the plug costs, it is a bit melty as well and the cost of the rubber insert on the cylinder head guard.

I imagine it will be somewhere between $460 and $600 to get it all sorted (I don't expect to pay for it), but it is off-putting that a very simple servicing mistake can result in that kind of repair bill.

But like I said, the dealership has a good rep, I went to high school with the tech who fucked it up (nice guy and good mechanic) and know 1/2 a dozen other employees who work there. I expect they will take care of me but this will be my 2nd poor experience with European machinery (the first was a Rotax powered boat),

No Vstrom for me. I'd rather eat glass. The GS is a beautiful bike and a very nice ride. Maybe I will feel different Monday morning and just want them to repair it, but as of now I pretty bummed.

I hope things are worked out to your satisfaction. If the dealer is worth his money he'll fix this up right for you. Otherwise, as MouthFOF said, you'd be foolish to ever darken their door again.

You do know your V-Strom comment has caused a dozen or so people to cry in their porridge this morning?
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