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My 2012 GU, Well sorted

I think a lot of responses are from old time Ural owners that owned the pre 06 and those made from 06 to 08. They did require sorting out. My 2012 has had one issue and that is the compliance fitting on the left side cracked. Silicone and duct tape kept the rig running until I could get to the dealer to get a new one. No Charge as it was under warranty. Replaced it myself.
Being a KLR owner I do not see the Ural being any harder to maintain and it is much easier to dial in. I adjusted the valves on the Ural at the 5K service interval. Just did the 10K and the valves are OK. I am a person that does not fiddle with things that are not broke. I am running stock jets, get 32-35 mpg, the engine does not use oil and keep the rear wheel rust proofed with sling off from the FD.
Is this rig perfect. Well yea. For me. Is it a get on it and ride. Well yea. But I check the fluids and tire pressure every time I ride. I guess some could look at that as being somewhat cumbersome, but not so much for me.
I think if you take the rig past 5K and start seeing the potential of what the engine becomes capable of your view of the rig will change. The difference is substantial. I would not have believed at 2k the performance change I have at 10k.
I am not a hard core dual sport rider but I am not afraid to get off the beaten path and so far the rig has taken me everywhere I want to go and gotten me back. I do not baby the thing. I just maintain it as per the manual and keep the fluids and pressures checked.
Mine is well sorted.
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