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Thank You for your thoughts. Well said.

“Happy Mother's Day”. Tucson. AZ

The Journey runs it's course. The path is often a smooth trail, the colors bright, Mother Nature our guide from shore to shore, from the valleys to the peaks with the barren Deserts in between, anything and everything one could wish when filled with a luxury acquired over time called “freedom”. Yet, as the fabric of Life dictates, such “freedom” is sometimes only a pigment of our imagination when facing another path filled with obstacles we must surmount, the path of “grieving”. A not so foreign one for many, one we must adapt for the times to come if we ourselves want to survive it's consequences. It is “Mother's Day” today and ironically on the same date a month ago I was saying my good byes to my own Mother at this very time when her own path decided to end, that is physically as I know and believe strongly her “Spirit” will always continue on tucked in with us on this Journey for as long as myself will be allowed to do so. With Friends in Tucson today, on our way to Colorado Springs to fly back to Munich one more time for two weeks, this is where we are in the midst of a beautiful backyard filled with the colorful in bloom flowers one needs today. Moments are still mixed up, words are not lining up as they use to, my strength comes and goes, questions with no replies arise helplessly, the logic of it all has been set aside. It will not be till early June for the shade of the boulders I seek. In the meantime, one moment at the time with small and short tentative steps we move forward as we must.

Ara and Spirit

7ht Year, the Stars, living under them…
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