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Originally Posted by duffs View Post
Sorry to hear about such a rubbish experience on your first outing... I'd be pretty heartbroken myself...

Presumably you didn't buy this bike from a BMW dealership? If so it would have come with a used vehicle warranty lasting between 3 months and a year. Not to mention it would be less likely that a BMW mechanic would have pinched a gasket or whatever caused the leak. It sounds like a trivial issue with the mechanic, not a failure of the bike, despite being a let down on your first ride. Since you say dealership is one you trust, it would seem to me that you have history with them and it would therefore be in their best interest to make it right.

I bought a brand new Honda a few years back and had the clutch kingpin snap with 23 miles on the clock due to a manufacturing defect. Yes I was annoyed, not least because I had to wait with the bike at the side of the road for nearly 2 hours at temperatures just above freezing for the AA to come and put the bike on a dolly and tow home. But after it was fixed, I had the bike for 4 more years and not a thing went wrong. Doesn't matter who makes the bike or how old/new it is, things go wrong unexpectedly. For reference, apart from a snapped pannier lid retainer cable due to my negligence (which the dealership replaced under warranty) my BMW has been 100% reliable since new and I do a lot of riding off road.

Your OCD is a separate matter completely and not relevant to the issue with the bike or the dealership. Get the bike fixed and go for another ride on it. Consider it a cognitive behavioural therapy session for only the cost of fuel. It will be ok. I can say this because I get the same way with things like electronics (cameras, phones etc)... if I drop it and it gets a scratch or chip, I just want to throw it out... until the second scratch.
I understand why it appears this way to other inmates, I'll clarify.

I've run bikes with duct tape holding things on, oil leaks, crap electrics and such. But I didn't pay $12,000 for them. The price vs experience is the issue here.

I had a 450 mile trip planned for today, but instead have a broken bike and a bad attitude. Going to go drop it at the dealer now and the key in the overnight drop off box. I am going to squid it without a helmet and gear so I don't have to lug it home on my walk (another problem, nobody can figure out the right plug for my 2002 Subaru Legacy to wire the trailer.....)
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