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I apologize if I'm not comprehending something, but you're suggesting an 11,000 mile trip that takes 8 months, right? That's less than 50 miles per day, which should take about an hour. That leaves you a helluva lot of time to do whatever you want. With eight months, you could see nearly everything you wanted to see, with lots of time to spare. With eight months, you don't need a plan. You can wake up each morning and just ride wherever you choose.

My only advice is, see the national parks and ride some great roads. Get a National Parks Pass ($80) and that's free admission to the national parks and I think most of the national monuments, too. Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Chief Joseph, and the Beartooth, and the Million Dollar Highway (550) and Highway 1 up the Pacific coast, and a hundred other roads I'm forgetting because the list is too long. Seems to me that you have almost too much time on your hands.

Take time in some of the national parks to hike around, get off the beaten path. I read somewhere that less than 10% of the people who visit Yellowstone walk more than 100 yards from where they parked their vehicle. Go see what others are not seeing!

Ride on!!!
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