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I get the OPs comments. He got a new-to-him bike, and had a miserable surprise on his first ride. Even if the issue is pretty minor to address, it's still a slap in the face and I'd be venting too, to the closest ears that would listen.

My first brand new bike (of non-BMW persuasion) had a ground wire fall off from the frame the first night I owned it, leaving me stranded 50 miles from home. In frustration I was less careful pulling the brand new bike onto its center stand than I should have been, and it made the classic slow right hand fall with me on top of it. Scratching the case on my 50 mile old bike, and getting security out into the parking lot I was at to see what kind of idiot they had to deal with.

It was only a ground wire, but had there been internet at the time I'd have found a forum to "discuss" it...

I rode that bike for a long, long time and it was one of my favorites, scratched side case and all.
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