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Originally Posted by kaptinkaos View Post
Lol, I meant the choice of what's out there for the 990 as far as dampeners go. The 990 has a twitch to it that makes me leery, but only at 100kph+ or on roads with an excess of tar stripes. It may be a combo of the soft standard suspension setting (which I dialed up to sport before shipping out, but never got to ride it due to heavy snowfall...) and those wonderful 908's that are stock. I have zero complaints as far as the handling goes when off road. Deep gravel, no twitch. Muck, no twitch. Perhaps I should tune the suspension to my needs prior to that choice and see if I can remedy it? It's a lot more bike power-wise than the Dakar and maybe I'm just abusing that power when on pavement too... Sell me on why not to do it and I'll save $700, lol!!!

Had a front tube failure while in Mexico at 75 mph about 20 days ago and my dampener saved my arse.....also do a bit of beach, sand and volcanic ash riding here and gets my recomendation for sure.

My 2 centavos worth!


First motorcycle experience. Dads, 40 something HD knucklehead it was 1966 he was 22 and my first recorded photo on a bike taken at 2 yrs. Thanks for raising me on the back of your bikes and teaching me to ride my dirt bike 35 years ago!
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