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Where else in the world can you do this stuff!

So proud of your ambassadorsmanship (lol)!!!!

Way to represent Johnsonal, way to represent!

Originally Posted by johnsonal View Post
Days one hundred and thirteen and one hundred and fourteen, 5-6 and 5-7

They dressed us up like idiots and loaded us on the bus.

I bought some extra booze, and alot of spare dynamite, fuse, blasting caps, and enough amonium nitrate to make alot of large booms.

I was already a little buzzed from sipping on my plastic bottle of 196 proof. And had quickly made friends with the tour guide ex miner who also liked my plastic bottle of gasoline.

As I sat and waited for the fuse to burn down to the enevitable BOOM I looked around to see the panic on everyones face. I was well into being drunk at this point so my worries were elsewhere.

So meanwhile our tour guide is now drunk too and holding lit dynamite while this girl next to me is getting mad because she is scared and pissed that "I got the guide too drunk" He's a big boy.
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