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The weather finally permitted a bit of a test run with my Aeroflow windscreen. I bought the medium (~6" higher than stock). I'm 6'3"; 215#; Edit: XL Arai XD4. I haven't been through all the variables yet but initial impression is good. I can tell you the head buffeting I was experiencing from the stock screen was, at times, disorienting and not what I wanted tooling along at 80 in traffic. With the Aeroflow, the head buffeting is nearly gone and I noticed the wind noise is greatly reduced as well. I notice there is a definite vacuum behind the screen that kinda pulls your head forward; gonna have to get used to that. I also notice more wind on my shoulders/chest but it feels balanced. At lower speeds, the sight line is a bit of a bother.
The unit mounted easily using the upper 4 windscreen screws and I was pleasantly suprised at how solid it was. The distortion is minimal but there seems to be a bit of milkiness to the transparency; not bad but there. I think it will be good for long hauls and I may get the side deflectors as well. I plan to cut down the stock screen for dirt work,etc. and will update if that combination works with the Aeroflow.
I cut down the stock screen 2"(50mm)..oh yeah!! Big difference on helmet-rattling bufetting. The helmet wind noise is back, but it and the wind pressure are more evenly distributed around the helmet. Definitely a better experience for short jaunts around town. Next is to put the Aeroflow back on to see what, if any, changes to that combination.
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