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Originally Posted by XDragRacer View Post
Ah, Kommando!

You validate the scripture, "Yea, as the night follows the day, whenever one inquires about acquiring a KLR, the admonition, 'Get a DR!' swiftly follows."
'Too funny. Did I ever say,"Get a DR." though? I think I said,"Have a look at...", or "X would be MY choice.".

Seriously though, if we speak the truth, the problem with this is...?

Besides, why would one consider it "admonishing"? Did the OP ask for advice, or agreement?

It seemed to go unnoticed that checking out some other models of dualsports was also suggested, to find the best fit FOR THE OP. So...I have to wonder if there is some insecurity involved on the part of the KLR Kool-Aid Krowd if they refuse to think outside the box.

I can mount a huge fueltank and a comfortable seat to a '70s Pinto . Does that make it the best touring car for everybody on a budget?

Wait. Maybe that's a poor comparative example.

OP, try on a few different models, in person, before you buy anything. We all might be biased, and it's your money being spent. Not ours.

BTW, anybody who touts the KLR's liquid-cooling and DOHC-actuated shimmed valves as an advantage over SACS and screw/locknut valves has no idea what they're talking about. Ditto if they refer to a DR650 as "air-cooled". A DR isn't a Honda XR650L. Run away and consult a knowledgeable source of why other liquid-cooled DOHC bikes take better advantage of the added complexity of a radiator, waterpump, hoses, possible thermostat, possible fan, and multiple camshafts with shimmed valves than a KLR does. Simple? Somehow, the simpler DR is still generally peppier, and it hardly ever has heat issues, even when modded to 50+WHP. Do your research. The truth is out there, and not in some marketing/cult hype.

Don't get me wrong. There ARE advantages to a KLR over a DR in some cases. More simplicity and more noob-friendly aren't among them.

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