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Originally Posted by zulusafari View Post
Assuming two battery's only variables are Ah and Cranking Amps (CA), if you have not started your XR in a month, would you prefer to have higher CA for a shorter time (9Ah), or lower CA for a longer time (14Ah)?

Would you rather have the Shorai 14Ah battery with lower CA (210) or the Antigravity 9Ah battery with higher CA (240). Sadly these are cranking amps and not Cold Cranking Amps. So this leaves me to wonder if these guys are even using the same environment during measurements. So a comparison would be moot.

Spud - one more related question, I don't want to take this thread any further off track...
what's the reason for having a battery with any given amount of Ah? Since the stock has 18Ah, what are we giving up? While the bike is running, only the output of the stator matters really, right?
The lithium battery manufacturers don't use the same measurements as lead-acid battery manufacturers. Also, Shorai seems to inflate their specs more than Antigravity, and other lithium battery manufacturers. Cranking amps are more important to me. Considering all the factors, I would personally buy the Antigravity 8-Cell battery.

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