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Originally Posted by AdvParamedic View Post

Sign me up!

I am currently deciding which panniers/racks to buy. Does anyone have any recommendations. I pretty much just want to make sure that this fits. I have the 2013 F8.

(Also im an Aussie so il pay shipping costs... any idea of the weight? Just so i can estimate the cost of shipping :)

Zega racks with Pelicans is my suggestion if you're looking at hard cases. Lots of options for soft luggage too but I can't comment as I haven't run any of them.

Shipping weight won't be what determines the shipping costs. The box will will be bigger than it will be heavy so you get charged "DIM weight" or "dimensional weight". Courier companies "cube" packages when that happens. I know this because I used to work for FedEx.

I don't have a box size or weight for you yet.

Originally Posted by GeeK_InsiDe View Post
@ Oso: What about the setup of the tank, especially the gas hose, could you explain? Must we drill the original tank or not?

There are two 1/2" holes that need to be drilled in the body work near the right signal light to get the hoses to the under seat area. I intend to include plastic hole plugs to fill those holes if you take the tank off. I say "intend" since I can't seem to get any plug suppliers to email me back.
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