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In which the Queen and I go in search of roads with no snow and lakes with no ice.

On Monday the forecast for Friday was "clear, sunny, high of 59", which excited me since I was off on Friday. The Queen said she wanted to go riding with me so that got me even more excited (I excite easily). But as the week wore on the forecasted high steadily dropped to the mid 40s, which it turned out to barely make. But it was indeed clear and sunny so we bundled up and rode.

My family has a place ("cottage" is too grandiose, but it's not quite a "shack" either) on a lake in Presque Isle, and since I'm the uneducated but handy member of the family, it's down to me to do the springtime ritual known as "opening it up". This involves putting in the docks, getting the plumbing going, clearing fallen trees, etc. This ritual is scheduled for next weekend, so we decided we should swing through P.I. and see what the ice was looking like, i.e. was it gone yet.

We made a big swing of back roads through parts of Mercer, Winchester, then Presque Isle. Still snow in the shady parts along G:

Long Lake in Mercer still had ice on most of it; I was hoping our lake looked better than this:

I guess I should mention here that our place is on a island, thus our preoccupation with the ice situation.

More of the lousy roads we have to put up with around here:

Got to the landing and the lake looked like this:

The view across to the island:

Looks okay for next week, except that the water is gonna be stupid cold for wading and the putting in of docks. Maybe the queen will volunteer...

After a snack we decided to check out the dirt roads in the Ottawa N.F. on the way home. Clear for the most part but with a few sections that looked like this:

The Queen found her lake:

Tried to take a Super-Secret Local Shortcut into Wakefield but came to this:

Actually there was an easy go-around but I figured it might get worse, and it was getting late and our son and daughter-in-law were coming over for the weekend so we skedaddled home on the slab.
Oh yeah, we saw wolf tracks on the SSLS:

A look at our loop, about 104 miles in all:

For those interested, the Queenbee is finding her Seat Concepts saddle very comfy. Highly recommended.

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