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Originally Posted by joef View Post
For as much as the driver of the van was an ass the cyclist displayed his I'm going to control the traffic behavior...
Not so much really.
Lane placement counts on bicycles like it does on motos, though different factors are at play.
On that road, if one is smart you ride far enough from the parked cars to avoid getting doored. Since that lane is relatively narrow otherwise, it puts the cyclist pretty much in the middle of the lane.
He moved over at the traffic light, he also moved in close to the parked cars at various times (other than the times the van was forcing him into the cars). It looked like he was also keeping a pretty brisk pace, probably at or pretty close to the legal speed limit, 25 - 30 mph seems likely for that road.
Clearly the guy in the van had no problem getting around the cyclist when he wanted to. All he needed to do was keep going instead of provoking a confrontation.
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