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new warning page

This is the new warning page that will go out with every 2-part and 3-part Rumbux kit I sell. I'll be editing this into the first post as well. It's intended to make riders aware of the dangers, not scare them off the product. But I'm sure I'll lose a few customers because of it. At some point, every bike will drag hard parts, but I want people to understand the potential risks. Most Super Ten riders probably will never scrape pegs, but there certainly is a contingent that does. ::008::


Adding aftermarket accessories to your motorcycle can alter the ground clearance. You may need to adjust your riding style to avoid contact with the ground during aggressive cornering or on uneven ground.


When properly installed, this Rumbux Crash Bar will cause your Super Tenere to be wider and lower than prior to it's installation. Because of this, it is possible to contact the ground just after the left side footpeg feeler will scrape during high lean angle turns and before the center stand contacts on the right side. This can result in levering the rear wheel off the ground, and directly or indirectly cause a crash resulting in motorcycle damage, injury or death!


By installing this product you are accepting responsibility for your own actions!

EVal Innovations can not control how you ride. Please use caution until you understand if and how the installation of your new Rumbux crash bar system impacts your riding style.

EVal Innovations Inc. is not liable for injuries or damages resulting from crashes where the crash bars may have contacted the ground during riding. By installing Rumbux Adventure Products on your motorcycle, you implicitly accept these terms, and responsibility for your actions of choosing to install this product and choosing to ride in a manner which could cause motorcycle damage, injury or death.


Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity. Please ride aware, ride safe and ride often.

Thank you for your purchase!

The actual page has the "warning!" in red, but yellow shows up better here.

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