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Originally Posted by Wreckster View Post
happen to be in tire sales myself. What kinda car you got?

Will say, Kumho is a hit or miss. A lot of cars are coming with the Solus. I have two myself as they are pretty cheap. They're half way decent for cheaper tires. Don't wear funny, don't seem to burn up too fast.

Hankook tires have gotten strides better over the years. Dynapro's are 70,000 mile suv tires, even the good brands don't get any better than that. They lack a bit in traction, but not enough that I'd turn anyone away from them.

Interesting fact - Hankook also makes the sears branded Roadhandlers. They are 100,000 mile tires with decent handling characteristics. The only thing close to that is the Michelin Defender, 90,000 miles.

The car they will be going on is a 2005 Saab 9-5 Aero. I pretty much drive like an old man, but it is a relatively powerfull wrong wheel drive car, so the tires need to be capable of accelerating and turning the car at the same time. I have found that some tires really can exaggerate the FWD torque steer.

Other that that I want:

Quiet, smooth, good dry and wet traction. Snow traction is a plus, but any AS tire should be good enough for that. I'm no longer interested in winter/summer tires sets for the 1x per year I'll drive in snow.

I'm also undecided between the stock 225/45/17 size, 225/50 or 235/45. I've run both 225/45 and 235/45 in the past. The 235s ride a bit nicer and look better but do give up a bit of mpg. I have the ability to calibrate the speedo to what ever size I decide, so that is not an issue.
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