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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
Not so much really.
Lane placement counts on bicycles like it does on motos, though different factors are at play.
On that road, if one is smart you ride far enough from the parked cars to avoid getting doored. Since that lane is relatively narrow otherwise, it puts the cyclist pretty much in the middle of the lane.
He moved over at the traffic light, he also moved in close to the parked cars at various times (other than the times the van was forcing him into the cars). It looked like he was also keeping a pretty brisk pace, probably at or pretty close to the legal speed limit, 25 - 30 mph seems likely for that road.
Clearly the guy in the van had no problem getting around the cyclist when he wanted to. All he needed to do was keep going instead of provoking a confrontation.
I'm of a couple minds about that video now that someone's started talking about it.

On one hand there's the 'WTF?! eff you I'M riding here get over it!' thought that went thru my head the first time that the minivan tried to pinch the dood off.

Then there's the 'this guy in the minivan is obviously unstable, I'm gonna get the funk out of here thought. I probably would've jumped on the sidewalk first opportunity, ridden my ride, then got back on the road when said idiot was gone. Nothing's worth losing skin/life over.

HOWEVER that minivan would NOT have escaped with all its mirrors intact and probably a few nice scratches in the side *if* he came back at me after I'd tried to be the 'nice guy' first.

As I see it, the cyclist IS partially to blame in this one 'cause he keeps going after the dood in the minivan tries to assault him. Bascially its egging the dood in the minivan on. Not that I think the guy in the minivan is any kind of right in the altercation, but avoidance is better than confrontation.

*I* certainly wouldn't have gone between the minivan and parked cars. There's a whole lotta lane(s) to the left...

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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