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It's alive! ALIVE!!! Hoo hoo haa hah haaah

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Hey adventurers, I've had this XV for years waiting for some love. Just thought I'd throw up some pictures to show everyone the state of disrepair... I have all the parts in boxes, but have never made the time. Now with two kids, it won't be easy, but who said life was easy?

I got this bike from a friend for free about 10 years ago. At the time it had been sitting outside with a tarp over it for about 7 years. I briefly got it to run, it smoked badly from one cylinder, then the carbs caught fire (not bad). I took it apart and cleaned it up some, but it sat for years. Starter is toast. No spark last time I tried. I believe it is the #12 bike off the line.

Time to do something with this thing.

Just to ride it as a rat bike, it needs:
  • Front brakes redone (they are stuck).
  • Starter.
  • Battery.
  • Carb rebuild.
  • Possibly new rings.
  • Tires.
  • New ignition (no sparky)?
  • A seat of some sort.
Anyway, I'd get rid of this thing but those bikes by Sepp Koch are just too sweet.

Words of wisdom appreciated.

Boohoo ha ha ha! My frankenbike is alive!

After a carb rebuild, cleaning the rust out and lining the tank, a backwoods-worthy starter motor and starter-gears rebuild, some cleaned up wiring and connectors, a new solenoid, and replacing the broken starter switch with a toggle...she started! I also had 3-in-1 oil in the cylinders for weeks (months?) to free the rings.

I am floored to be honest. It is running way lean and now I have to set the pilot screws at the least...right now it is only happy with the choke on about 1/2 way. My neighbors on the other hand, do not seem to be happy about all the noise I'm making...

No smoke from the pipes to speak of, and the motor sounds good. Even my wife was impressed. Little does she know the the next steps for the rebuild involve more money!

At the least, this bike now needs rebuilt front calipers, fork seals, steering bearings, tires, and a seat! Now, if only I had the time and money...
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