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Kathe was not afraid at all riding on the back of my motorcycle riding on the most dangerous road in the world.
To be honest with you, Jungas Road was not all that scary. The reason for that is the REAL Most Dangerous Road in the World is not Jungas Road. It is actually driving thru downtown La Paz Bolivia.
Those people just don't know how to drive and don't give a shit about you. And there are so many mini buses and people on the road, it is enough to drive you crazy.
I had 2 scary moments in La Paz
Once when I car pulled out in front of me. The guy never even looked. I saw his eyes the whole time. It was like he was trying to kill me.
The other time was when a taxi van swerved to the shoulder to pick someone up and he never looked because I was right there. It was really close. In fact, the lady that the taxi driver was going to picked up screamed because she thought Kathe and I were going to get hit and run over. As I made my way around the front of the van, I kicked in the passenger side door with my boot. I could feel the door cave in as my foot made contact with the door
Yes, I was mad!
I asked Kathe later if that scared her.
She said "no"
And then she told me the truth......she said she was actually ASLEEP!!!!
And me kicking the door of the van woke her up.
Her flight in to La Paz was a red eye so she was very tired. She also told me that she slept part of the way down the road of death.
And I never knew
true story
When she was awake, she took this video from the back of my motorcycle

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