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Originally Posted by S/W View Post
What do you do if you don't have any trees or bolders to secure your rig to, such as being in the dunes or on a beach? Oh you cut your board in half and make a dead man which you bury with the shovel,did I bring a shovel?, ah, then your remaining board isn't long enough, and you might have forgotten the saw anyway. Then when you unload all the tools you need because they make the bike to heavy , they all sink into the mud . ----If you can't lift your bike , you might be better off with a lighter one.
No trees, no board, no shovel, no car bumper, no draught horse, no playground swing-set, no riding buddies?

Then you just pick the son of a bitch up and hope you don't get a hernia or have your hemorrhoids poke out...

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