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You can look at throttle body pressures to sync those. Update your map. Check error codes and clear them. Adjust temp your fan comes on I think. Correct speedo error. Maybe some other minor things. You can't reset your service indicator though. You need dealertool for that.

Pretty cool. Downloaded the instructions, it's quite comprehensive. Not too complicated. Looks like you can change settings all the way through the throttle range. Stock map and arrow map available. I guess you need to load one of them in order to read a map on the bike. I'll re-read the instructions.

Lots of warnings...could blow up your motor.

Two sources for cables on ebay, ship from China - $18...worrisome. CJ Designs has them as well, $40 shipped.

Anybody have experience with either?

DealerTune for $100 on ebay as well.
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