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The Redwood Park is just a freakin' hallway of trees.

I live in north Idaho. It's nothing but trees for hundreds of miles.

That is exactly why traveling is fun and mind opening. Something for everyone.

My schedule is to get up, pack, eat a snack. this could be at sunup to 7 am. I don't carry a clock.
Real breakfast at the next town or by 9 am.
Ride 5-6 hrs with breaks.
Late lunch, taking my time.
Ride till the sun starts down.
Find a camping spot or motel.
I'm usually on the road 14-16 hrs since I can't sleep if it isn't dark.
I don't like sitting around in "camp" for 3-5 hrs waiting for dark.
Ride all day taking breaks for whatever pops up. Conversation, maintenance, repacking, scenery, or wild women.
Just enjoy yourself.
On an 8 month outing you will need vacations from the bike.
You will figure it all out.
The gate guard glares at me. "It's after curfew." He looks me up and down, "What do you think you are, some kind of ****** tourist?" ..Phu Loi 1969
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