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Nicely done, Surj. Keep up the good work!

Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
K.l., I spent about 20 minutes reading up on all of this before I chimed in. Some of these links I had read before, but again, what misinformation? What disapproval? If you have a gripe or complaint, state it. Links aren't getting it done.
You need a reiteration of what’s posted above? (Sorry, Surj…)
Misinformation and disapproval have become recurring themes in ADVgrifter’s posts and they resurfaced in his first post in this thread:
“I notice not many of the ADV crowd could give a Rat's Ass about this issue as NO ONE has responded with support.”
To which I explained that weekends can be slow in the West subforum and posted links where he could bring himself up to speed with ADV discussions and support for lane splitting. Despite that, and my supportive lane splitting posts within those threads, he posted:
“Are you not in support of the points I made about motorcycles, lane splitting and traffic?”

Then there’s his uninformed off-topic personal attacks with accusations of trolling, being a non-commuter, not riding with Mootsuno, not riding 20 years ago, being a thread derailer, not being smart enough to meet his unspoken IQ requirement, being irrelevant and outing himself as a tattle tale. Sound familiar? It’s all just a few posts above this one.

For more examples of ADVgrifter’s misinformation and disapproval read the link supplied above in parentheses. That’s where he encouraged a rider looking for dualsport rides to join him in “all pavement” public road “race[s]”, risking antagonizing drivers further against motorcycles and lane splitting’s legal status. He also erroneously claimed that a 50 person local dualsport rally he’s never attended has “hundreds of people, motorhomes/trailers”, “hundreds of NOOB riders” and that it’s a “Cluster f*#@K”. Now he’s added more misinformation and disapproval about my earlier suggestion that the guy looking to dualsport go ride the Flynn Creek Road area. ADVgrifter didn't know there's accessible dirt there, so it's "irrelevant"?

It’s okay not to know people, places and events, but it’s not okay for ADVgrifter to make stuff up about them, post it as ‘fact’, misrepresent being corrected as being ”stalk[ed]”, make personal attacks in retaliation and then whine to the mods as though he’s a victim. His victim fantasies even extend to his stated location: “Passing ADV stalkers on the inside” indicating more lane splitting endangerment.

No worries if you still don’t understand ADVgrifter’s trend for misinformation and disapproval. I don’t understand why he’s gone out of his way to destroy his credibility, either; especially regarding things so many people know him to be wrong about. I can live with the mystery, though.

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