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Originally Posted by JNRobert View Post
Nice to see Alonso win another one (actually, anyone but Vettel).

I love the technology of F1 and the impressive speed of the cars but this, imho, is right on the nose. From the Guardian

Once again, though, it was a boring race. Formula One these days is all about finding out who is the best slow driver in the world*, as conserving tyres has become the most important issue.
It has always been important. But now the teams and the drivers are necessarily obsessive about it because they have to work with the rapidly disappearing rubber they have been given.
It would be much better, surely, to race properly from start to finish, with better tyres and fewer pit stops, even if that does come at the risk of the occasional procession.

The start of the race is as exciting as ever. And then you can switch off until the last 15 minutes. You can spend the 90 minutes between the start and the finish watching a football match.

* My emphasis.

The cars are still not passing on track, it's all pit strategy to gain places. It's about time they banned real time telemetry and no-more factories running scenario's and then directing the trackside team. Once the race is on, the driver needs to handle everything except for the occasional pit board. And for God's sakes, give them rubber that has a chance of lasting a race.
Gotta disagree.

We saw passing on the track. As for The Guardian, Ferrari went balls to the wall for the entire race. They did not conserve tires. A fundamental mistake by that newspaper. I'm surprised they got it so wrong.

I thought it was an excellent race. When Ferrari wins, all is right with the world.

I agree, lovely to see Vettel in 4th. That whiny little brat was even complaining over his radio that the reconnaissance lap was too slow.

The Lotus was again impressive. They're going to miss James Allison as the season goes on.

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