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DT400B Lower Throttle Cable?

I'm having a hell of a time finding a lower throttle cable set for my dt400b. Was continuing to poke around on the project and noticed the black plastic tube that joins the one upper throttle cable to the two lower throttle slide and oil pump cables was completely destroyed, at least the lower tube part was. As i understand it the upper cable has the white plastic piece on the end and the top of the plastic tube, and the lower cables come with the black plastic tube the cables are routed through.

I cannot for the life of me find lower cables for this thing. Obviously this is a show stopper. I've found cables for other DTs of around the same years, but i have no idea if they will work as im sure the lengths varied between years and bikes.

Can anyone help? My google fu is failing me

I had a thought, will the cable connector tube style piece from the DT3 work with the cables i already have? If you're not familiar its number 26 on this picture? There appears to be a few for sale, and honestly it looks exactly like what is broken on the DT of mine, and i can't figure how it wouldnt work with what i've got.
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