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The title of this thread caught my eye, having spent many years in the entertainment industry myself, though I only worked one summer actually out on the road. Just had too hard a time being off two wheels for months at a time. lol

"Roadie in Motion"... the title reminded me of a favorite movie of mine and several of my crew buddies: "Roadie" it's 1980's flick staring Meatloaf. We often would quote one of the lines while working... "Why is your roadie inert?"
If you haven't seen it, about anyone who's worked in the industry seems to get a good laugh out of it.

I have just spent the last 3 days reading this thread, enthralled your posts, and your amazing photos!
I know it's been said many time by many people before, but Thank You so much for sharing them with all of us on here!

I've found many of your thoughts about life and your inner journey very insightful in a time where right now I am questioning where I am and what I'm doing with my own life. Your stories here have served to remind me how special life is and how I need to let go of my "destinations" and not be afraid to take a chance in the journey of life, as some of the most wonderful and beautiful experiences are those when your willing to explore the road less traveled, and just because your road ahead isn't smoothly paved, doesn't mean it won't be fun.
ADVenture riding can be such a zen metaphor for life...

I look forward to more photos, and reading more of your journeys!
Keep up the great work!

If you ever are in the Knoxville TN area hit me up! I'ld be glad to share some of my favorite dirt and gravel with ya, or share a drink and or a "monitor discussion" if your just passing thru on a working tour!
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