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Originally Posted by EvilClown View Post
...our planned itinerary.
  • Find our way out of Quito
  • Visit the Equator site(s)
  • Follow front wheel of bikes for remainder of trip
  • Return to Quito
Right on track, we do eventually find our way out of Quito and locate the Ecuator site...

Classic tourist pose...

Just not enough. We've got to get the bikes in the shot.

Against the State Department's recommendations we find an unsuspecting local to take the shot for us...

None of them were carrying mustard or ketchup or feces so we took the chance.

Once they took the shot, their girls wanted to get a shot of themselves with the bikes...

While hanging around contemplating going in or not another local wanders over and strikes up a conversation - in English. He speaks English quite well but says he doesn't get to practice much. He goes on to tell us about the 'other' equator.

That is the one we're looking to see. We load up and make our way towards it...

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