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Originally Posted by RichBeBe View Post
I love the history but Monza has to go. The chicanes are a joke and really disrupt the racing and are dangerous. I know it could happen anywhere and no one got hurt but the SS race was a joke with crashes taking out bikes they way they did.
The whole Sykes this is Mickey Mouse for a top level world championship. I get why he was reinstated, but the fact that you can blow a turn like that and not lose a place is bad. Plus coming back onto the track is dangerous as hell.
They need to find another track and let Monza go, and its rich history wil be just that history.
You could easily say the same about Imola too. But I feel that if you were to go
To either of these tracks for a WSBK meet, you'd probably change your mind on it.... (Maybe you have?)
Having said that, the first chicane at Monza is a disaster waiting to happen, as was proved with the Brendon Roberts/Max Nuekirkner incident, and should be smoothed out. Apart from that, Monza is just fine. And then some, a classic high speed circuit! And we could do with a few more of those....
Another one coming up, Donnington! (Go there too, if you ever get the chance, it's fantastic!)
Oh yeah, and the SPEED of Monza is waaaaay understated on TV...
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