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Just ride it and forget about all the hype.

Unless you've had dirty fuel the fuel filter will be fine, clean it at 5000 or 10000km when its serviced.

Unless there's play in the tank bolts forget about them until either there is, or you've got it apart for a service.

Originally Posted by COracer View Post
Taking my 690 for it's first long voyage over Memorial Day to Moab, read through all the threads here and came up with a few main issues. Which of these do you all with experience think have to be addressed before I go?

Tank bolts- yes I read up and know these are a major issue, problem is they are back ordered everywhere for weeks. Should I buy an extra stock set as spares? Anyone have an extra set of the RR ones they would be willing to sell?

Fuel pump- bike has 1700 miles on it, runs perfect. No issues with starting or bogging. Is it worth pulling it out and cleaning the filter? How necessary is a spare? Am I ok just running some fuel treatment like some have?

Anything I am missing? Would like to make it there and back with no issues...
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