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In conclusion.......

Back in March, as I was preparing for the trip and trying to decide if I wanted to blog about it, one of the things I wanted to do was to keep track of every expense on the trip. I thought that people who were planning their own trips to wherever might want to have an idea of my expenses.

March 31st, 2013 Tucson to Las Cruces, N.M.

Gas $24.21
Drinks $3.01
Motel $47.51

And that was pretty much it.
Sorry everyone, but keeping track of every expense every time I had one quickly became a new job and I wasn't on this trip to take on another job.

The things that I did keep track of were the the big things.......
The trip took me 39 days. In those 39 days, I covered 7,602 miles.....on two wheels. There were a few more on the back of two different tow trucks but those miles don't count. In all those miles, I hit 21 states, not counting the ones I hit twice.

Since I got home, I managed to get the Helix taken apart enough to see the problems. I think I said before that I one great big equipment failure and was in the process of having another.

The failure of the drive belt is what caused me to drop out of The Real Cannonball........

This is a picture of a ticking bomb. If the belt would have made it, I think that the muffler wouldn't have......

So, to wrap it up....I wouldn't trade a minute of the ride for anything.

From here......

to here.....

to here......

It was all good!

And I thank you all for tagging along....

Up the road, if you come across an old coot riding a Helix, tap him on the shoulder and say hi, it might just be.......TucsonStan

P.S. Even though I didn't finish The Real Cannonball, since I rode 50 miles further than any other scooter in the race, does that mean I won?
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