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The bolt uses an engine out of something else Yamaha makes, with some changes, and its supposed to be around 50 HP which is low for a 4 valve 950cc engine, so there is a lot more to be got out of it, and as it is, its going to have a broad power curve.

The bolt is a copy of a sportster, the new Bonneville is a retro bike with a Triumph name, but is nothing like the old ones other then the name and 2 wheels.
The old ones were light and nimble, very low center of gravity.
The new ones are not, but they are smooth and trouble free.

The Guzzi is just a modern update to a classic bike, same as they used to make, only better.
They kept the bike REALLY light for a 750 shaft drive, as light as the old Bonneville's but with electric start and a shaft.

I found the new Bonneville to be very boring to ride after the old Bonneville, heavy, smooth, hard seat, poor suspension, wollowed in fast turns, not so exciting exhaust sound, ok power but low for the engine size.

If I fiit on the Guzzi, it would be MY top pick, super cool looking, very nice instuments, shaft drive, low weight, not like everyone else's bike.

Lack of dealers is no issue for me, I never go to dealers other then to buy a bike sometimes.

I suspect the V7 is small, but I do not know if it is too small.
I sat on one and it seemed ok, and everything on the bike was very nice looking. Stunning.

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I struggled finding HP numbers on the Bolt. Everything I found said 47hp. 540 lbs. was given, though.
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