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Its not just me

So you don't have to 'wade thru' the blog: the admit game More specifically:
If you come within 6 inches or a foot of a bicyclist, (or pedestrian for that matter), as you pass them, you were wrong, you screwed up. Any excuse, reason or justification you come up with, is all bulls#$%. Legally and morally if you pass that close to a vulnerable road user, you are wrong. Period. If you came that close by accident, you were either too distracted or too impatient to pass safely. If you came that close to try to make a point, you committed a violent felony, "recklessly endangering safety". You can't use your car as a weapon to impose your will on others.

If you think a bicyclist is doing something wrong call a cop. It's not for you to decide to run them off the road or scare them literally within inches of their life. It's not for you to disregard the law and all common sense.

To help you understand how wrong you were, imagine you actually hit the cyclist instead of just coming within inches of them. Now imagine the victim was a friend, relative, or co-worker. Would you go to the funeral and tell the family how sorry you were, but that it's really the victim's own fault and then give your list of excuses?
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