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Originally Posted by Ricky Chuck View Post
Romanousky, how did you and Alex fund this trip, lol. You mentioned ATMs down that way, did you setup a trip account and feed it until you hit critical mass? Are you using credit cards at all? Not trying to be nosy, but when I go on trips just up here in the US, my wad of 20s shrinks at an alarming rate just for a week outing, lol.

I asked my boss if our company has a policy for letting me leave for months to ride someplace far away, and he said, yeah...RIF, lol. I've also been adding up what it seems to be costing you, even though you are on a budget, lol.... I want your job!

Most kidding aside, this post is causing me to think seriously about getting a DRZ for a dual purpose ride, if I can just let go of my conviction that I will be going on a long trip and need creature comforts :). Safe journey coming back...uh...are you going to abandon the bike and fly back or what?
All good questions,thanks for asking!I'll be watching for the answers.
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