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Interestingly the damping is quasi adjustable like most forks by changing the viscosity rating rating of the oil. BUT here is the really good news....
The left and right forks take the compression and rebound separately. The right is compression and the left is rebound. That would allow you to have different viscosity oils for each and fine tune each exclusively.
That also makes tuning the forks after changing the spring rate easier as well.
Very interesting and the timing is perfect as this fatass (235 lbs + gear) is on a search for heavier fork springs.Having put close to 2k,mostly on rough rocky mountain roads and rougher stuff,the forks are bottoming very easily and the rider sag is 40% or more of the total travel.I have added some oil to them and it helped quite a bit,but not enough.

Changing the oil weight also had me worried as the rebound felt OK and was not interested in screwing it with the heavier oil ,but with this new info,it looks more promising.

Please feel free to post your project,off road or on,I'm sure it will benefit most of us
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