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Originally Posted by ohgood View Post
ahhh, ok, he's demonstrating lean angle for faster turns. got it.

still, why not just ride the bike at different speeds ? it will show the angle wether you're pushing it with a pumpkin or actually riding the bike. and it's easier :)
What I got from the video is that speed is irrelevant (with a caveat, which I'll get to in a minute) -- rather, the lean angle of the bike is what determines your turn radius, once the handlebars are at full lock. By pushing the bike at walking speed, he was able to demonstrate that it is not the speed of the bike that determines turn radius; it is the lean angle.

The caveat is that there are different ways of getting the bike to that lean angle. You can have a higher speed while sitting directly in line with the center-line of the bike, or you can counter-balance to the outside of the turn while leaning the bike aggressively at a lower speed, and either way will work. You have to decide which method of keeping the bike balanced (increasing speed or counter-balancing) is appropriate in your situation.
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