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Originally Posted by dman View Post
Hi .... just FYI, I rode Panoche Rd today as well as up to New Idria, and the trailheads into the various Panoche/Griswold/Tumey Hills areas have signs that clearly state that plated motorcycles and ATVs are not allowed at all. But the signs also state that only "full size" 4x4's are allowed. First, if it's really to mitigate trail damage, who's going to enforce drivers actually engaging 4WD on part-time rigs? Second, what's a "full size" 4x4? Only F150's or Dodge Rams, no Rangers or Dakotas? How about Subarus or an AWD minivan? I also picked up a map, which only stated that vehicles must be street legal.
Yeah, I've seen those signs, and asked the BLM, who states its in their approved use plan. But they haven't a leg to stand on, excluding some street legal vehicles but not others. Besides, last I heard they had one law enforcement person to cover the entire region - Bakersfield to the Pacific Ocean, millions of acres - he only has time for real problems.

Damn it if they want to protect the resources then don't use sheep for grazing! Last time I was out there the county fire marshal was doing a tour (Tumey) and said there was so little "fuel" (plants) that a wildfire was impossible. To me that says overgrazing.

New Idria note: the Mayor had moved away years ago, and last I saw it there was a superfund cleanup ongoing (the creek drainage is probably not KTM Orange any longer). Its a neat old ghost town, which I hope doesn't get burned down by some yahoos. But my biggest fear with the Panoche Valley is I hear they want to fill it with solar panels.
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