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For some reason when I woke up the next day I didn't feel to great. Must have been the food... Anyways it was time to get out of Potosi and head to Uyuni to check out the salt flats. The ride was once again boring down the shit pavement but we still had nine sticks of dynamite so we blew up a cactus to cheer ourselves up.

Dynamite count: 9-2=7

We rode the rest of the way into Uyuni and found a cheap hostel for the night. Uyuni is kind of a shitty little town. But it is cheap and it looks like they are starting to kind of clean the place up. I'd like to see what it looks like ten years from now.

Woke up and headed to the gas station to fill up for riding around the salt flats. Just south of Uyuni there is a train boneyard where there are a bunch of rusty old trains you can climb around on.

Then off to the salt flats where I pointed the bike in the general direction toward the salt hotel.

After checking out the hotel made of salt we headed out to one of the "Islands" for a beer.

Then we headed toward another, bigger island where I heard there might be lunch. We ended up at an uninhabited island with no lunch or people around. Bad for lunch, good for dynamite. We blew up another cactus.

Dynamite count: 7-2=5

Sorry the video came out shitty. Time to go back to Uyuni as I had hit half of my 200 mile range. On our way we decided to blow up some salt.

Dynamite count: 5-1=4

Now they warn you to drive on the roads when you visit the salt flats but it is just too much fun to go anywhere you want.

Until you get to the wetter areas and the first layer of inch thick salt breaks through to its muddy friend below while you are going 40mph throwing you over your handlebars, not into the mud, but onto the hard crusted salt. And it isn't smooth and pleasant. (look at the dynamite video above for an example of the surface)

I bruised my knees (because I was just wearing jeans) but I was fine. And we did find some water which made for some cool pics.

We headed back to town anxious to wash the saltwater off our bikes. Nowhere would let us use their hose and all the car washes were closed. We try to sneak in a little cleaning at the hotel by dumping classes of hot water from the shower on the bikes one by one but the hotel owner, who already said no, catches us and tells us to stop. with no other options until the morning we decide to grab some food at one of the many shitty diner places, and hit the hay ready to move on the next morning.

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