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Originally Posted by bikerfish View Post
I've done plenty of good eating at remote campsites,as well as state parks wiseass, just happened to have those pics handy. just because your in the boonies doesn't mean you have to eat tree bark.
You haven't contributed anything to this thread except to tell us that you wouldn't eat what everyone here has posted. You then post pictures of fresh meat, veggies, and seafood along with cold beer at a non-remote campsite with a large grill over the metal fire pit.

If this is indeed what you eat on a remote trip, than at least make that clear, and give us an idea of what and how you pack food, which seems so vastly different than what everyone else has posted. You've effectively snubbed your nose at all of the suggestions... Which would be cool, if only you had given some useful information on how you pack food for a remote trip.

As it is, this looks like a great selection of food, but hardly what one would pack for a remote trip. I've eaten plenty of great food camping... But only when I'm in a car with a cooler or close to a store where I can get fresh stuff... Which wouldn't really qualify as remote... Unless you have a different idea of remote than most of us.

Not trying to bust your balls... Just looking for useful on-topic info.
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