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Sunday 5/12/13

I had some time today and wanted to stretch out a bit- so I hopped on the good ol R100RS for a short spin. Only got one shot with my phone, so thought I'd share it:

As I said, a quickie 70+ miles. Then I went home and hopped on the K1200 for another trip around another block, taking pix the whole way.
Many of my rides begin by heading upriver, along the Mighty Susquehanna. Tho there are So many creeks around here (I read somewhere once that PA has over 5K miles of canoe-able rivers & creeks), the big River is THE primary "water feature". I find it fascinating, enchanting, etc. I never tire of the Susquehanna. It's amazing.

Living here in the central transportation hub of the American East Coast has its ups & downs. Fer example some guy flipped his tanker truck on a major overpass Thursday AM- shutting down I-81, dumping fuel into a nearby lake/wetlands, and burning the bridge to a crisp and causing a MAJOR re-routing of area traffic- creating jams and gridlock for many miles around, still affecting us days later. In fact, the bridge is being torn down and rebuilt. It was heavily damaged in the fire, so demolition and reconstruction began right away. This issue is gonna be ongoing for months. Ugh. About the only GOOD thing was the driver wasn't badly hurt- apparently he got out with only minor injuries. So terrible, but not tragic.

BUT on the "up" side of things are the Trains! As it turns out, there's an overlook on a bridge above the local train yard. Who doesn't love trains? Folks come from far & wide to video trains around here. Train songs have been written and sung by a great many artists. Trains are embedded in our culture and awareness, and of course that melancholy sound of the train whistle blowin' strikes a chord within just darn near everyone.

Continuing on upriver, I stopped to get some shots of the river, and the famous Rockville Bridge.

Here's a Black Crowned Night Heron sitting on a rock.

Here you can see the bridge stretching across the river.

Moving on, I stopped to get a pic or two of the Marysville "Subway"- a tunnel under US routes 11/15, and the railroad tracks.

Riding west out PA rte 850, I enjoyed the big sweepers but chose to head over to see another bridge- a much smaller wooden, covered bridge. Like an old friend, the Dellville Bridge is always there. It's no longer used as the primary crossing across Sherman's Creek, but they've preserved it for all to enjoy. The shiny new bridge crosses just beside the cool old covered bridge. I turned off 850 and rode up over the ridge.

The bridge is like so many others in the local area- with long arches made of huge timbers.

Now that the bridge is out of actual road use, it seems kids have taken to hanging out there, and what kid can resist the urge to express themselves with spray paint or chalk?

By now I'd worked up a thirst, and was hungry anyway- so off to Duncannon and the Doyle Hotel. Here, they always have some local beers on tap, and a decent selection of bottled microbrews as well. The place is owned by some folks who have a tradition of catering to thru hikers on the nearby Appalachain Trail- so often in summer, there are interesting characters from all over the world hanging out here. The owners are a bit... um... eccentric. The funky ambiance reflects their freaky nature. The food is always good, and they have home cooked specials, as well as your typical bar food- chicken wings and whatnot. I ordered a Troegs Perpetual IPA right away, as I pondered the choices for a bite.

I enjoyed my beer, ate some soup and had some wings, and hopped back on the bike for the ride downriver on US 11/15. I'm not exactly all work & no play... today, I chose to play FIRST. Eventually, I HAD to get the grass mowed, so that's what I did as the day wound down... I'll spare y'all pix of THAT!

Thanx for ridin' along!
Keep the shiny side up now, y'hear?

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