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Bug found that crashes device

Hello, hope you are well.

I wonder if anybody else can replicate the same device crash as me. Or if its just specific to my device. I have detailed model and firmware version but may happen to other devices and map/firmware versions.

Montana 650t.
Firmware version 4.9
Europe CNNT 2013.10
Worldwide DEM Basemap, NR

power on device
Open draw
Select track manager
Open archived tracks
Choose a track
Click elevation plot
Scroll to a point in the elevation, I chose the highest point.
Click the three bars at the bottom, then view map
When map displays, click three bars at the bottom and choose setup map
Choose select map

BOOM, flash of white and powers off.

I don't think this is by design. I have no need to do the above key sequences while viewing a track but it crashes every time.

If anyone else could test this to see if its a global device issue or just mind. I would appreciate it.


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